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Free Service for Life is offered by Global Bikes on Every New Bike That We Sell! Learn More About Global Bikes!

Our FREE service policy includes any tune-up related labor that is included in a Tune-up.  (We charge $50 for bikes not purchased at Global Bikes)  We will inspect your bike; adjust deraileurs, brakes, hubs, and true wheels. (spoke installation additional) We'll lubricate the chain, wipe down the bicycle, air up tires, and in general go over your bike to get it rolling like new!   We have offered this service for about a decade or in other terms over 20,000 bikes have received Global Bikes Free Service!   That is Huge!

How much does this cost?

Global Bikes does not charge anything for this service policy. Our service policy is simply one of the many benefits of buying a new bike from Global Bikes! 

How often may I bring my bicycle in for my free tunes?

As often as you like!  There is absolutely no limit.  The rule of thumb, at a minimum, is to bring your bike back to one of the Global Bikes bicycle shops at least once every 1500 miles.  If you do not ride 1500 miles a year bring it in on an annual basis. 

What is this service worth?

Bicycles are very mechanical machines that need periodic maintenance for them to work properly.  The price of a bicycle tune-up at any Gilbert, Chandler, or Tempe area bike shop is approaching $50.00.   At $50.00 a Tune-Up servicing a bicycle can get expensive.  Most people keep a bike for a decade or more, keeping in mind that bicycles should be tuned every 1500 miles or once a year,  non-Global buyers could spend $500.00 on bicycle maintenance over the life of their bicycle.  Please note many shops offer only one free 30-day check-up, or  sell maintenance contracts similar to what we offer for free.  I worked at a shop that sold 5-year maintenance contracts for the low price of $189.99,  not much of a deal to me when we do it for FREE!  If you are thinking of buying a bike please consider us and our Free service for life policy when you are making your decision. 

How do I take advantage of my free life time service?

Just bring your bike to any Global Bikes store.  Wheel it in the front door or let us know it's in your vehicle and we will unload it for you.  You will need your receipt to prove that you are the original purchaser of the bicycle. Please plan on leaving your bicycle with us for 1-2 days for service, if your bicycle is your main mode of transportation or you can't imagine being with out for a day or two simply call ahead and set up an appointment for same day service.

*Please note Life Time Free Service is only offered to the original purchaser of new bikes.

Professional, Quality Assembly 

Global Bikes staff fully assembles your bicycle at no charge! We build and adjust your bicycle so you don't have to!  We assemble your bike, adjust the gears and brakes, we true the wheels, inflate the tires, and safety check every bike we sell.   $40.00 value

Free Accessory Installation at Time of Purchase 

When you buy a bike form Global Bikes we will install accessories for free!  Accessories include: lights, locks, racks, baby seats, computers, and water bottle cages.  Some shops do charge for every install so be sure to ask if you're comparing prices.    $25.00 value.

We Do Lay-A-Way!!

25% down guarantees you the bike for  90 days at no additional costs.  Monthly payments required or item may go back into stock and sold.  Lay-a-way refunds are store credit only after 7 days. . 

Payment Options

Global Bikes has several payment options to get you riding today.  Please check out the payments page for more info. 

Never Worry About Flats Again!

Global Bikes has a Flat Proof Guarantee that'll keep you Rolling or we'll fix it for Free!  

Any  Questions?

Just give us a call and we will gladly answer any additional questions that you may have.  (480) 892-1315

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Free Service for Life & The Global Bikes Advantages!

Gilbert Bike Shop - 835 N. Gilbert Road #111  Gilbert, Arizona 85234  480-892-1315
Chandler Bike shop - 1055 S. Arizona Ave #9 Chandler, Arizona 85249  480-782-8342
Chandler Bikes Shop - 2915 W. Ray Road #10 Chandler, Arizona  480-899-3625
Ahwatukee Bike Shop - 3636 E. Ray Road #6 Phoenix, Arizona 85044 480-706-0858
Free Service for Life - Global Bikes
Free Service for Life! - Global Bikes
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Got a Question or Two?  Shoot us a quick note and we'll get Back to you ASAP!!  
Got a Question or two?  Shoot us a quick note and we'll get Back to you ASAP!!  
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