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  • How do I sell my used bike? 
  • Who buys used bikes?  
  • Where do I go to sell my bike? 
  • Who buys bicycles?
  • What's my bike worth?
  • Do you take Trade-in's?
  • How do I find out what year bike I have? 
  • How do I find out what components my bike has?  
  • How much will it cost to fix my bike?
  • Does it make sense to invest money in such an old bike?
  • Is my bike worth anything as a collectable or an antique?
  • Where do I go to buy a quality Used bike like a Specialized or Trek?

Under what guidelines will we consider a bike for a Trade-in or a purchase offer?

  • The bike is  90% complete
  • Of a quality Brand (no Walmart or Target bike please)
  • Not Stolen!!
  • Frame and fork is not bent or cracked
  • Serial # is legible

What should I expect to get for my bicycle if I were to sell it?

We can help you with that answer!  First remember that the condition of your bicycle will dramatically effect its value and  many bicycles that we see need a lot of work and in some case so much work that the bike may not have a whole lot of value.  Please bring in your bike we will give you three values: What you would expect to get for it if you were to sell it yourself on EBAY or Craigslist; What your Bike is worth as a Trade-In; What we would offer to buy it for.  Please don't get offended at our offer, remember we are a business that plans on reselling your bike for a profit.  If you want to maximize what you can sell your bike for please take our advise and invest the time, effort, and expense it takes to sell it on E-bay.

We also sell bikes on consignment.  Our Fee is 33% after all sale expenses.   We charge the same as any of the "I sold it on EBAY" stores, however we typically can gross more for your bike as we do this daily and have the experience and expertise to handle all aspects of a bicycle sale.

What do I need if I want to Trade-in a bike or sell a bike?

You will need a photo ID and be able to sign that you are the lawful owner of the bicycle that you are selling to Global Bikes. Your Signature, ID or licence #, and serial number of the bike will be logged. We also may log your vehicle's license plate number and remember you'll always be on camera. We DO NOT buy stolen Bikes and if we think the bike being sold to us is, We'll do everything we can to bust you.

Do you take bikes as trade-in's?

Yes we do, and many times we can give a pretty good amount for them so please bring your trade-in(s) with you when you are shopping for a new bike.  

Global Bikes Bike shops, located in Gilbert and Chandler Arizona, is now buying quality used bikes at their Gilbert location.  Global Bikes also sells used and pre-owned bikes at both of their retail locations located near Mesa and Phoenix Arizona.  If you are looking for a used bicycle and live in the Phoenix, Mesa or Tempe be sure to stop on by or call to check out our selection of quality used bikes.  

 Gilbert Bike Shop - 835 N. Gilbert Road #111  Gilbert, Arizona 85234  480-892-1315
 Chandler Bike shop - 1055 S. Arizona Ave #9 Chandler, Arizona 85249  480-782-8342
Chandler Bikes Shop - 2915 W. Ray Road #10 Chandler, Arizona  480-899-3625
Ahwatukee Bike Shop - 3636 E. Ray Road #6 Phoenix, Arizona 85044 480-706-0858
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Page updated: October 30, 2014
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